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Environmental Commitment

Green Efforts

“Go Green”
The average commuter in the Unifour puts about 2.6 tons of greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere every year by driving alone to work. That’s just one person. Multiply that volume of pollution times the number of people driving alone each day and it adds up to a very weighty problem.

You can lighten your impact on the environment by leaving your car at home more often and still get where you need to be. Greenway can help you Go Green with an option to fit your lifestyle. Getting out of your car and sharing the ride – even one day a week – can make a difference. A ton of difference.

“Responsible transportation you can feel good about”
Greenway is working hard to ease pollution and road congestion. We’re providing leadership in delivering comfortable, reliable service and deepening our environmental commitment through:      

  • using next-generation fuels like biodiesel.
  • purchasing hybrid buses and service vehicles.
  • changing operating practices to reduce fuel and resource consumption.

We’re keeping the region moving with less impact on our environment.

Hybrid Vehicles

Greenway is also in the process of procuring hybrid service vehicles and a hybrid bus. Environmentally speaking, hybrids provide two major benefits: low emissions and reduced fuel consumption. To begin with, the hybrid buses produce significantly lower emissions due, in part, to the smaller diesel engine used to power them:

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) is reduced up to 90%.
  • Hydrocarbons (HC) are reduced up to 90%.
  • Particulate Matter (PM) is reduced up to 90%.
  • Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) are reduced up to 90%.

Greenway continues to look to new technology in its effort to provide the region with responsible transportation alternatives.

Bike Racks on Buses link to bike racks on buses

It's true, every bike ride helps. And now you can take your bike to school, to work, the park, anywhere with our new easy-to-use bike racks. Greenway Transit has installed these high-quality racks on all our standard buses. Now you can easily bike to the nearest bus stop and take your bike with you at no additional cost. And help reduce air pollution.

Biodiesel Vehicles

In May 2009 Greenway began an in-service of an 80/20 biodiesel (B20) blend in one of its buses. By June 2010 all of Greenway’s buses were operating with B20.

Biodiesel is a clean burning alternative fuel made from vegetable oils and animal fats that releases fewer harmful toxins into the air, including sulfur and carbon, two materials largely responsible for acid rain and global warming. In testing completed throughout North America, it was found that the blending of this product with diesel fuel dramatically reduced particulate matter emissions by almost 18%, carbon dioxide by 16 % and unburned hydrocarbons by 11%.

Greenway’s bus fleet operates about 220,000 miles annually and uses about 49,000 gallons of fuel. Using B20 helps reduce the demand for conventional fuels. For every 5 gallons of B20 that is used, one less gallon of conventional diesel is required. During FY 2010, Greenway used about 4,000 fewer gallons of conventional diesel by switching to B20. Now that the fuel transition has been completed, this number is expected to increase to about 10,000 gallons during FY 2011.

B20 Program Results: Reduced Diesel Demand per Month during FY 2010

B20 Program Results Chart

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